Developer & Learning Facilitator – Autonomous Driving Systems learning module in SEA:ME (part-time)

Stellenbezeichnung: Developer & Learning Facilitator – Autonomous Driving Systems learning module in SEA:ME (part-time)

Firma: 42 Wolfsburg | Berlin

Arbeitsort / Location: Wolfsburg, Niedersachsen

Job Beschreibung: 42 Wolfsburg/Berlin, a disruptive higher education NGO, is seeking experienced researchers (preferably PhD candidates OR Masters students) to contribute to the Autonomous Driving Systems (ADS) Module within the Software Engineering in Automotive & Mobility Ecosystem (SEA:ME) program.

Our program is shaped by Peer Learning methodology. The curriculum and its deployment to students are built on enabling content/infrastructure/mentoring, so that the students can successfully learn in teams, without formal teaching or class sessions. Students work their way through a succession of learning projects/challenges, including in the area of Autonomous Driving Systems. The curriculum as a whole is the first application of Peer Learning methodology to software engineering for automotive / mobility applications. As part of their learning, students train in how to work in agile teams, how to collaborate and share knowledge, and how to deploy and document their results – just as work is performed in relevant software developers teams at companies.

Our students train to become junior software engineers for work areas in Embedded Systems, Autonomous Driving Systems, and Mobility Ecosystems. So that they can access gainful employment after our 12-month program, and can become co-drivers of future mobility that will be shaped by software.

The employment is to accompany our first study season which was launched in July 2023 and lasts through June 2024. Pending successful completion of the first season, the employment may be extended. Information about our unique curriculum is hosted in its and program website.


As a developer in this specialized field, you will play a crucial role in co-shaping the curriculum and learning materials, providing expertise in various areas related to AI, ML, Computer Vision, Virtual Physics, ADAS, and more. You will work in our newly established mobility lab learning environment, researching for our curriculum development and deployment, and providing your expertise/insight to the students learning in the lab with the following key responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with our academic lead and the subject matter expert fellows in the development of learning materials for the Autonomous Driving Systems (ADS) Module and contribute to the creation of theme-based, peer-to-peer learning projects to enhance the learning experience for students.
  • Cover various topics such as Linear Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Physics, Control theory, Computer Vision, AI & Machine Learning, Data Engineering, and more in the ADS module.
  • Finalize, test, and review our existing learning projects before and when they are first introduced to our first group of students in the lab starting in the fall/winter of this year.
  • Assist students with insights into coding, electronics, and work safety, and provide tutoring in Automotive Software Engineering related to autonomous driving.


  • Owning or pursuing a Masters or PhD degree in Mathematics, with experience in Computer Science / Coding.
  • Expertise in research areas Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Virtual Physics, ADAS, etc.
  • Expertise in educational content creation, documentation, and student evaluation
  • Familiarity with Automotive Electronics and ADAS systems such as Lane Departure Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control, CARLA simulator, etc.
  • Keen interest in Raspberry Pi and Arduino-based PoC creation.
  • Programming language skills in Python, Rust, C and C++ (MATLAB skills nice to have).
  • Passion for assisting and mentoring students in their learning journey.
  • Fluent in English with advanced intercultural communication skills.
  • Positive attitude towards working with special-needs students and colleagues.
  • Positive attitude toward fostering diversity in tech-student learning community building

Join us in our mission to contribute to an open, inclusive, and future-oriented mobility ecosystem, and to train students to leave their mark on the field. Your expertise and dedication will play a vital role in shaping the future of autonomous driving education and preparing the next generation of software engineers for meaningful work and excellent career opportunities.

Celebrate individual differences, come together as a team

At 42 we strongly believe in the value of individual differences and human diversity. We are extremely proud of our inclusive and flexible work culture, recognizing each employee for their individual strengths and talents.

Applicants who choose to share protected characteristics with us and who meet the role requirements will be treated with priority.

The contract

The initial contract for this position has a duration until 30.06.2024, in line with the program funding. We aim for an extension when entering the main project phase.

42 Wolfsburg | Berlin

42 is an innovative, higher education coding school that is free of charge with no teachers, classes or books.

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