Senior Computer Vision Engineer

Stellenbezeichnung: Senior Computer Vision Engineer

Firma: Oxolo GmbH

Arbeitsort / Location: Berlin

Job Beschreibung: Your mission

As a Senior Computer Vision Engineer, you will be helping us to build and improve our CV solutions. You will be interfacing with internal and external Computer Vision engineers as part of a cross-functional team. We work actively on state-of-the-art generative AI to model realistic human avatars, especially regarding lip synchronization. You will have the opportunity to impact directly on all technological and architectural decisions within this domain.

Your area of responsibility

  • Develop new user-facing algorithms using state-of-the-art libraries.
  • R&D new algorithms to measure and improve the visual quality of our existing solutions;
  • Build reusable components and help us to maintain our CV libraries;
  • Train and update existing models with current and new data;
  • Always have quality and computational performance in mind when building new models;
  • Support the team to further advance in the generation of synthetic avatars;
  • Take part in planning meetings and maintain technical documentation.

Your profile

  • Must have skills
  • Minimum of three years of experience in generative computer vision (e.g., GANs, diffusion models, auto-encoders);
  • Fully proficient in Python, hands-on experience with deep learning libraries (PyTorch, TensorFlow);
  • In-depth knowledge building scalable and maintainable CV algorithms;
  • Advanced knowledge in building reusable and extendable training pipelines;
  • Experience in researching and evaluating the performance of SOTA algorithms;
  • Knowledge of unit testing, code formatting, and good coding practices;
  • Familiarity with docker, CI/CD and git;
  • Work independently and proactively by giving directions and implementing new features;
  • Problem-solving spirit – you never give up on challenging problems;
  • You’re a team player: taking advice and criticism positively, sharing tasks, and valuing good communication and proper documentation;
  • Strong organizational and communications skills with an understanding of production values, deadlines and priorities;
  • Fluency and full professional proficiency in English.
  • Nice to have skills
  • Experience with lip synchronization, talking heads, or StyleGAN variations
  • GPU model deployment experience (e.g. ONNX runtime, NVIDIA Triton, model quantization)
  • Experience with subjective evaluation studies (MTurk)

Why us?

  • Dynamic environment with a flat hierarchy, a high level of transparency, and quick decision-making;
  • You profit from a group of professional colleagues with many years of experience in the industry;
  • Flexible work times and the opportunity to work when and where you’d like;
  • Best hardware and software to ensure that work truly is enjoyable;
  • The personal annual budget for further education/training measures;
  • Regular company events;
  • Participation in company success.

Oxolo GmbH

We are virtualizing people by creating AI-powered chatbot avatars indistinguishable from reality and ready to engage and communicate. Our avatars can impersonate any human or character and are contextually, visually and audibly identical. They can hold a conversation and replicate a real two-way communication. They even remember what you said last week. Our complete tech stack is based on the latest research and developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Through our platform we are developing several products to leverage our technology and blend artificial intelligence into digital entertainment products.

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