AI Innovation Expert

Stellenbezeichnung: AI Innovation Expert

Firma: Luxoft

Arbeitsort / Location: Deutschland

Job Beschreibung: We are on the lookout for a passionate and dynamic Innovation Expert to join our team, supporting an array of forward-thinking projects. If you thrive on challenges, are passionate about emerging technologies, and possess a unique blend of technical and business acumen, this role is for you.

Key Projects:

OCR Implementation: Rollout of a standard OCR platform to enhance automation capabilities. This platform will scale to extract data from documents such as Invoices, Orders, and employee documentation.

Natural Language Processing & Understanding (NLP & NLU): Collaborate with our team to enhance customer interactions using advanced NLP and NLU capabilities.

Task Mining: Dive deep into user interaction data, also termed as desktop data, to evaluate the efficiency of individual tasks within broader processes.

Conversation AI: Develop and optimize artificial intelligence tools to facilitate improved employee interactions.


  • Participate in the rollout and optimization of a standard OCR platform.
  • Collaborate with internal teams to design and implement advanced Natural Language Processing and Understanding mechanisms. Aim to elevate customer interactions and experiences through technology.
  • Conduct in-depth evaluations of user interaction data (desktop data). Identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement within broader organizational processes and recommend actionable strategies for optimization.
  • Participate in the design, development, and optimization of artificial intelligence tools, with a focus on improving employee interactions and engagement. Ensure these tools are robust, responsive, and aligned with the company’s objectives.
  • Design and leverage key innovation metrics to assess the success and ROI of projects. Use insights derived from these metrics to guide decision-making, prioritize initiatives, and validate the impact of innovative strategies on business outcomes.


Must have

– Technical and Business Acumen: Ability to bridge the gap between intricate technical details and overarching business goals.

– Cognitive Automation: Profound knowledge of cognitive automation practices and techniques.

– Governance & Control Frameworks: Demonstrable experience in implementing Governance Models, Support Models, Control Frameworks (particularly for compliance), Solution design, and Risk Identification.

– Innovation Metrics: Ability to design, interpret, and act upon key metrics that gauge the success and ROI of innovative initiatives.

– Collaboration and Communication: Strong interpersonal skills, with a proven record of effective collaboration across multiple teams and departments.

Nice to have

– Programming Languages: Familiarity with Python, Java, or R – common languages used in data analysis, automation, and AI development.

– Machine Learning Frameworks: Experience with TensorFlow, PyTorch, or similar frameworks.

– Cloud Platforms: Proficiency in using cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud for deployment of AI models and automation tools.

– API Development & Integration: Knowledge of RESTful API development and integration for seamless data transfer between platforms.

– Emerging Technologies: Awareness of current and emerging trends in AI, automation, and related fields, with the ability to integrate these trends into actionable project strategies.

– Stakeholder Management: Ability to liaise with both technical and non-technical stakeholders, ensuring project goals are clear, understood, and achieved.


English: C1 Advanced



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