Full Professorship (W3) in the field of Global Water Security

Stellenbezeichnung: Full Professorship (W3) in the field of Global Water Security


Arbeitsort / Location: Hamburg

Job Beschreibung: Offer Description

The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering is looking for an internationally recognised scientist in the field of global water security. The new professor will be responsible for developing a leading research and teaching programme that focuses on global water security, including both disciplinary and multidisciplinary research. The candidate should develop professional interactions with research infrastructure already existing at TUHH, including the research clusters on ‚Energy and Environmental Systems‘ and ‚Civil Infrastructure Systems‘. There are excellent cooperation opportunities for this chair as the focus of this professorship is in line with the general vision of the school of Civil and Environmental Engineering on ‚Long-Term Security of Natural Resources and Infrastructure‘ and TUHH’s strategic research area centred on ‚Engineering to Face Climate Change‘. Therefore, an active collaboration between this professorship and several institutes within the school and beyond is envisioned. Relevant areas of research, teaching and administrative activities include, but are not restricted to, the following topics:

  • The successful candidate should contribute to advancing the knowledge and capabilities required to ensure global water security which is a crucial component of economic growth, food security, life on land, sustainable cities, infrastructure and communities by using, for example, digitalisation, new materials, artificial intelligence, and the IoT to harvest big data from the physical environment or climateinformed engineering.
  • The successful candidate should adopt a holistic approach which aims at not only improving water management and addressing the increasing water demand in a warming world, but also at tackling the destructive effects of water caused by floods, droughts, erosion and pollution.
  • The successful candidate is expected to teach BSc and MSc level courses in the school of Civil and Environmental Engineering (English and German after an adequate period of time) on topics related to water security, water management and wastewater treatment.
  • Experience with funding applications and the implementation of third-party-funded projects are essential to this position.
  • The successful candidate should possess a proven outstanding track record in research, teaching or in engineering practices beyond doctorate level.
  • The candidate should be willing to take on a variety of administrative duties within the school and the university as needed.

The school has strong ties with other faculties and institutions. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to play an active role in the further development of such ties. The candidate should be able to communicate complex research concepts to a variety of stakeholders in academia, industry and government.

For the full job posting with information on gender equality, hiring requirements, and a link to the application portal, please visit


Research Field Engineering » Water resources engineering Education Level Master Degree or equivalent

Research Field Engineering » Water resources engineering Education Level PhD or equivalent


W3 professorships adress experienced academics and are comparable to a full professorships (W3) in the Anglo-American university system.Unless otherwise specified in the job announcement, Associate and Full Professors are appointed for life. In addition to the general requirements for civil servant status, professors are subject to special hiring requirements specified in (Hamburg Higher Education Act, available in German only). According to the law, the following special hiring requirements apply:

1. A completed university degree (e.g. master’s degree, state examination, etc.).

The prerequisite for an application for a professorship is a completed university degree. This is the case, for example, if a diploma program or a master’s program has been successfully completed.

2. A pedagocigal aptitude for teaching at universities.

According to § 15, paragraph 2 of the Hamburg Higher Education Act, pedagogical aptitude is usually demonstrated by excellent teaching as a junior professor (compareabel to assistant professor). However, a junior professorship is not a prerequisite for fulfilling this criterion. The appointment committee assesses the pedagogical aptitude of each applicant. Teaching evaluations and university teaching certificates, for example, can be used for the assessment. In addition, the pedagogical aptitude is also evaluated on the basis of the test lecture at the interview.

3. A special qualification for scientific inquiry

The special qualification for scientific inquiry is usually demonstrated by a qualified doctorate. A qualified doctorate means that the doctoral performance has been assessed as above average. This is the case, for example, if the doctorate has received at least the rating „magna cum laude“. If the doctorate has not been graded, the selection committee assesses the ability to do scientific work on the basis of the application.

4. Additional scientific achievements

Further scientific achievements can be demonstrated, for example, by a track-record of high-impact publications, success in obtaining third-party funding or scientific prizes. Aditional scientific achievements, such can be made in the context of a junior professorship (compareable to an assistant professorship). However, they can also be achieved while working as a research associate at a university or a non-university research institution, through research activities in industry, or through other equivalent activities. The qualification can be obtained both in Germany and abroad. A habilitation is not a prerequisite for employment. Whether the additional scientific achievements of an applicant are sufficient will be judged by the selection committee.

Specific Requirements

As specified in the offer descriotion.

Languages ENGLISH Level Excellent

Research Field Engineering » Water resources engineering Years of Research Experience 4 – 10

Additional Information


If the legal requirements are met, the successful candidate will be appointed as a civil servant. The salary is based on grade W3 and currently amounts to 7,457.48 euros per month (including basic benefits). Based on the applicant’s previous academic achievements, a variable appointment benefit may be granted in addition. In addition, a family allowance is paid according to marital status.

The successful candidate will head the future Institute for Global Water Security at the Hamburg University of Technology. The endowment of the Institute with investment funds and positions for scientific staff and technicians will be negotiated with the successful candidate based on his/her previous scientific achievements, the fit with the profile of the University and the requirements for research and teaching.

Selection process

Recruitment processes for professors are conducted on the basis of the Hamburg Higher Education Act and the recruitment regulations of the Hamburg University of Technology. We aim to complete appointment procedures within 9 months after advertisement.

The selection and evaluation commitee

For each faculty recruitment process, the Academic Senate, the highest self-governing body of our university, appoints an selection and evaluation committee. The selection committee is composed of at least three professors, one research assistant and one student of the Hamburg University of Technology. In addition, the President appoints two so-called external members. These are professors from other universities who are particularly qualified in the field of the advertised professorship. The Gender Equality Officer and – in the case of severely disabled applicants – also the Disability Officer participate in the appointment process in an advisory capacity.

The work of the selection and evaluation committee

In a constituent meeting, a chairperson is elected, the time schedule of the recruitment process is planned and the criteria for the selection of applicants based on the job advertisement are elaborated. In the second meeting, all incoming applications are reviewed to determine whether they meet the hiring requirements and to assess how well individual applicants meet the selection criteria. The most promising applicants are then invited to an interview. All other applicants will be informed that their applications could not be considered at the moment. However, the selection committee may decide at a later stage to invite further applicants for interviews.

The interview consists of a research presentation, a teaching demonstration, and an interview with the selection and evaluation committee. If you are invited to an interview, the chair of the selection committee will explain the format of these presentations in detail. Following the interview, the selection and evaluation committee will determine which candidates will be shortlisted. For each of these applicants, at least two experts in the field of the professorship will be asked to provide expert opinions. In the final meeting, the selection committee decides on its appointment proposal. The appointment proposal should contain three names and is arranged hierarchically.

Decision of a short list and negotiations

The chair writes a report on the recruitment process and then forwards the short list to the Academic Senate. The Academic Senate decides on the short list in a confidential meeting and forwards it to the Presidential Board for consideration. As a rule, the President then offers the applicant on the first place on the list the professorship. The candidates on the second and third places on the list are informed by the president about their place on the list. All other applicants will be informed that their application could not be considered in the short list.

The Presidential Board subsequently negotiates the appointment with the successful candidate. If the negotiations are successful, the appointment process is completed. If the appointment negotiations are unsuccessful, the next-ranked applicant will be offered the professorship. As soon as a candidate is appointed, all applicants are informed about this. The name of the successful applicant will also be communicated as part of the legally required notification of competitors (Konkurrentenmitteligung).

Additional comments

For questions, please contact the Vice President of Research, Prof. Dr.-lng. Irina Smirnova,

via e-mail

Please note that the specification of professors‘ responsibilities is subject to review at regular intervals in accordance with Section 12 (7) of the Hamburg Higher Education Act (HmbHG). The hiring requirements according to Section 15 HmbHG in combination with Section 14 (4) HmbHG apply. Website for additional job details

Work Location(s)

Number of offers available 1 Company/Institute Hamburg University of Technology Country Germany State/Province Hamburg City Hamburg Postal Code 21071 Street Am Schwarzenberg Campus 1 (A) Geofield

Where to apply Website

Contact City

Hamburg Website


Am Schwarzenberg Campus 1a Postal Code

21071 E-Mail



Gehalts Budget: €7457.48 per month

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