Research Assistant/PhD Position (all genders)

Stellenbezeichnung: Research Assistant/PhD Position (all genders)

Firma: Technische Universität Darmstadt

Arbeitsort / Location: Darmstadt, Hessen

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Picture: Thomas Ott

Current job vacancies at TU Darmstadt

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The Group “Self-Organizing Systems Lab” of Prof. Heinz Koeppl at the Centre for Synthetic Biology at TU Darmstadt invites application for a

Research Assistant/PhD Position (all genders)

initially limited for three years with the option to extend.

The research project is concerned with the use and development of machine learning / AI algorithmsfor the design of novel biomolecules in the domain of synthetic biology. This includes novel regulatorssuch as transcription factors, regulatory RNAs but also novel structural proteins. Research will focuson transformer-based sequence models and also diffusion models. Extensions to larger regulatorysystems, comprising several coupled transcription factors will be considered. Novel computationaldesign will be validated within the wet-lab of the group. Collaboration within the Centre for SyntheticBiology with the Centre for Artificial Intelligence (hessian.AI) at TU Darmstadt is highly encouraged.The PhD student is also encouraged to enrol on the new Graduate School for Life Science Engineering.

Your profile

  • MSc degree in computer science, physics, mathematics, electrical engineering or equivalent
  • Strong interest in molecular biology and synthetic biology
  • Strong motivation to work in an interdisciplinary team

Opportunity for further qualification (doctoral dissertation) is given. The fulfillment of the duties likewise enables the scientific qualifications of the candidate.

The Technische Universität Darmstadt intends to increase the number of female employees and encourages female candidates to apply. In case of equal qualifications applicants with a degree of disability of at least 50 or equal will be given preference. Wages and salaries are according to the collective agreements on salary scales, which apply to the Technische Universität Darmstadt (TV-TU Darmstadt). Part-time employment is generally possible.

Applications should include: • motivational letter, • CV, • contact details from 2 references, • a list of passed courses and obtained grades

Please send your documents as one single PDF file to: office@bcs.tu-darmstadt.de – indicating theapplication code number within the subject line.

Contact: Prof. Heinz Koeppl, Self-Organizing Systems Lab, Merckstrasse 25, 64283 Darmstadt,Germany

By submitting your application, you agree that your data may be stored and processed for the purpose of filling the vacancy. You can find our on our webpage.

Code No. 445

Published on

August 25, 2023

Application deadline

September 08, 2023




work +49 6151 16-0

Work Karolinenplatz 5

64289 Darmstadt

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