Senior Product Leader – Data & AI (Open-Source, Core Founding Team; Full Remote)

Stellenbezeichnung: Senior Product Leader – Data & AI (Open-Source, Core Founding Team; Full Remote)

Firma: SuperDuperDB, Inc.

Arbeitsort / Location: Berlin

Job Beschreibung: We are seeking an experienced product leader/ product owner who has a passion for open-source, data and AI. The role we are filling is critical. It is an opportunity to build and own SuperDuperDB closely with the founders, potentially on executive level.

SuperDuperDB, a solidly funded startup, is looking for an experienced product leader/ product owner who has a passion for open-source, data and AI to join our team of absolute experts who are building a system to effortlessly integrate AI and databases.

SuperDuperDB (which we will launch in the next weeks) is an open-source environment for developers to easily implement next-generation AI models and applications on top of your existing loved data source – from LLMs, and public APIs to custom high-performance in-house machine learning models. It transforms your favourite data store into a vector database, feature store, model repository, performance monitor and end-to-end live AI deployment all at once!

SuperDuperDB has the potential to disrupt how AI is developed and implemented – and to become the new standard for doing AI with your data. The position is the opportunity to build SuperDuperDB and its community from the ground up.

A past record of work around open-source Python projects in AI/ ML/ Data would be very attractive to us. You can be fully remote, or work at our Berlin office. Salary is competitive incl. stock options and the existing small team is first-class.


  • Define product vision, strategy, and roadmap, based on user needs as well as market and technological opportunities.
  • Recognize and precisely formulate opportunities for commercialization of the open-source project incl. packaging and pricing.
  • Engage with, monitor and analyze the community discussion to identify areas for improvement and new features
  • Establish and maintain relationships with key customers, partners, and industry thought leaders to inform product development and position the company as a leader in the industry.
  • Research and navigate the databasing, data lake and data warehouse markets and the landscape of solutions and technologies for working with data with AI.
  • Get to know these markets and competing solutions down to a deep technical level to reason about and inform product development and positioning.
  • Understand the key stakeholders relevant to SuperDuperDB, namely software developers, data scientists and engineers and the decision makers in organizations responsible for bringing new technologies into the organization.
  • Be the project’s ambassador, influence, excite, and align folks within your team, across the organization as much as the community


  • Proven track record of building and launching successful products and communities in connection with data, cloud, AI products and developer tools
  • 5+ years experience working as a senior product leader
  • Knowledge of key software and APIs in AI space: e.g. PyTorch, Tensorflow, HuggingFace, OpenAI
  • Understanding and experience working with the latest AI and machine learning methods and algorithms, including deep learning, large language modelling, generative AI, as well as the standard array of traditional methods – kernel methods, clustering, dimension reduction, forecasting, statistical methods etc..
  • Experience with key players in vector-search database space: Milvus, PineCone, ElasticSearch etc.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the MLops space, esp. data munging and aggregation, databases, -warehouses and -lakes, data provenance, feature stores, experimentation tracking and visualization frameworks, Model training environments, CI/CD and machine learning to production.
  • Proven experience in developing pricing and packaging strategies for software products.
  • A couple of years experience working as a software engineer including Python
  • Working experience with GitHub
  • Obsession with reaching the best possible developer experience.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication, technical writing ability, and use of data to back up your arguments.
  • Experience working with users and customers to understand their needs and design thoughtful solutions.
  • Ability to write useful code yourself and review code to contribute to our code base.


  • High-impact work with other highly-talented and skilled team members
  • Competitive salary and stock options
  • The choice between fully remote work and hybrid

We would be happy to hear from you. Please send whatever you think is necessary including your GitHub and LinkedIn profile, a few words about yourself, as well as your salary expectation and earliest starting date.

SuperDuperDB, Inc.

A unifying open-source environment for developers that enables you to effortlessly integrate, and unleash AI directly in your database – from LLMs, public APIs to custom high-performance in-house models. Model outputs are instantly made available in the known data environment to level up arbitrary applications and use-cases.

We aim to enable organizations and individuals to truly own their AI algorithms, profiting maximally from both in-house and externally sourced AI capabilities.

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